Thursday, February 14, 2013

Saying yes to Storfjellet

A couple years ago Andrew McLean wrote a brilliant post called "Practice Saying Yes", in which he suggested that the best way of squeezing more ski adventures into you life was to simply say yes every time the offer comes up. Its become something of a mantra for me in recent years.

After consecutive days with hefty portions of touring I was feeling like it might be wise to take an easy day and rest up for another outing I had planned for the following day. Then Gerold asked if I was keen to join him on an outing up Storfjellet, and I found myself struggling to justify my need for a rest day. Afterall its pretty rare that I actually regret spending time in the mountains- so I said yes.

In the end, a tight schedule meant that we didn't make the summit. We did, however, get some fun turns and beautiful views. Definately worth it!


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