Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shame Valley Chute

Got back into Skamdalsrenne today with Mike, it was the first time I've skied it in years and I was reminded of the reason why I've always referred to it as the greatest couloir in Norway. It is mythic. So ridiculously deep that to take photographs of it I ended up having to use the panorama mode in a vertical setting.

The snow left a bit to be desired. Wind affected and slabby in places, firm bed surface from some dry loose slides in other places; in the lower section the left hand side was sun affected and spring like whilst the right side was shaded and held cold, dry wintery snow. Every turn was different, but the immense granite walls towering above were enough to keep the stoke level pretty high.

On top of Tverdalsfjellet the views aren't too bad.

The entrance was more filled in than I've seen it in the past, rocks lurked centimetres below the surface though, so side stepping was called for

We were back at the car a little after 11, so we were even able to squeeze in lunch before heading to work.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Narvik to Straumsnes- a few photos

 The past weeks I've been making a transition into running again in preparation for the summer ahead. There is, however, still plenty of great skiing to be had in the mountains, with the decent snow cover and longer days now is the time for enjoying some longer tours.

On Friday Mike and I skied from Narvik over to Straumsnes. Highlights included 30cm of dry pow on the Forsnesvatn ramp, some sunbaked avy debris in the picturesque Isvattenrenne and hitching a ride back to Narvik with the first car that drove by. I've skied these lines many times in the past, but never got any proper photos of them, so here they are.

Mike enjoying 30cm of dry pow on the descent to Forsnesvatn. Not bad for late April.

Mike on the ramp. Forsnesvatnrenne in the background- which we skinned up half an hour later.

Skinning up the path where I got taken for a ride last year.

Mike nearing the top of the Forsnesvatnrenne. Our last descent clearly visible in the background.

Inspiring views of the Hunddalen peaks on the descent from Beisfjordtøtta

Mike cruising over Isvatten after skiing the obvious couloir down from the saddle.

A bit more dry snow to go with the pretty views on the last descent down to Straumsnes.