Monday, February 11, 2013


Another awesome outing with Jan Eirik today. A tour so fun that its a wonder it was legal!

Surface hoar with Dronningen in the background
Skiing in the sun down from 3de toppen

We skinned up to 3'de toppen and then skied down in the sun towards Beisfjord, wrapping around the cliff band around 950 metres, then skinning back up towards the pass, we tooled around for a few minutes finding the right entry before ripping some pow down to Forsnesvatn. From here it was on with the skins and up the usual gully to gain the Beisfjordtøtta plateau, despite a couple skin failures we were making good time and tagged the summit, put a pinch of snus in our lips and skied down. One last short skin took us to Peak 1419, and then we cruised along the ridge to the Rombakstøtta pass, before dropping in on the skiers left couloir and skiing it down to the road at Straumsnes where we got picked up by one of Jan's colleagues- thanks.

More great snow on the descent to Forsnesvatn
With lots of wind transported snow around Fagernesfjellet and breakable crust being so predominant I'd never have expected to have found such light pow on all the aspects we skied. Wisdom would've suggested that the best skiing to be had today was around the south facing "five fingers", thankfully we aren't very wise and our silly plan payed off with some of with one the most efficient tours in some of the better snow I've ever had in this area.

Avery quick panorama from near Peak 1419

Skinning up to Beisfjordtøtta

Descent #4 of the day, down to Straumsnes
Splits for the trip:
Start at the base of Narvikfjellet
Tredjetoppen, 1:15
Pass above Forsnesvatn, 1:55
Beisfjordtøtta summit, 3:30
Peak 1419, 4:00
the road at Straumsnes, 4:35

Total vertical: 2300 m

Psyched for tomorrow!

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