Friday, January 10, 2014

Getting back on the horse

Since last week's escapade shitstorm I've been plagued by a tender, swollen ankle. I couldn't bear weight on it for the first two days and was relieved when the x-ray pictures showed no fractures. Now nine days later, after some self prescribed exercises, copious quantities of what I like to call "Anti-inflammatory Self Pity Smoothies" and regularly lathering my ankle in a paste made from turmeric I'm able to move around without limping. This is quite liberating.

To celebrate my rediscovered mobility I headed out with Bjarte and Micke for a little traverse of Steintuva/ Sandviktinden. Conditions were a little challenging with frigid temps (around -15 and wind chill which made it much colder still) and wind jacked snow (sastrugi and windboard in some areas, and scoured down to an old rain crust in other areas). In fact we were getting so hammered by the cold on the first descent that we all developed some frost nip on our faces, and being the wimps that we are we pulled the plug and skied back to the car.

I still consider it to have been a stellar tour though, we got roughly 1400 metres of skinning/skiing on a wildly dramatic peak with huge cliffs buttressing most of its flanks, enjoyed beautiful views over Skjomen fjord and even saw the sun for the first time in 7 weeks!

Sovende Dronning- a stunning mountain from all angles.

First glimpse of the sun in nearly two months- Welcome back!

Kind of ironic that the first ski tour in the sun in months was also the one of the coldest I've been on for a few years.


I love me some good fjord

An cold, icy and teeth chatteringly hard ski descent- at least the views were nice.

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