Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mt Cook Region Reconnaissance

A tight schedule meant that we only spent one and a half days in the Mt. Cook region. While this was way too short to get on any real missions in the area it was plenty enough time for me to be sufficiently blown away by the alpine grandeur and formulate some more concrete plans for a return next year.

With my brother I took two fantastic trail runs, first up the Hooker Valley to the small glacier lake below Mt. Cook's Caroline Face and then up the Tasman valley along the lateral moraine to the Ball Shelter, together about 30- 35 km.

Hooker lake filled with small ice floes

The lateral moraine of the Tasman on the way to Ball shelter
The Malte Brun group from across the lower Tasman

 I also got up early on our last day to ski from the summit of Mt. Ollivier, down a wide couloir on it's east face. This quick outing gave some incredible views over Sefton and up the Mueller Glacier towards Seally, as well as 700metres of nice spring corn. So much in this area to come back for...

Mueller Glacier

Mt. Sefton

View to the NE from Mt. Olivier

Runnels in the snow on the descent from Ollivier 

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