Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ice climbing in Tukino

Woke up at 4:30 this morning to head over to Tukino with Ryan for some ice climbing. Driving over in the light rain and strong winds we were both a wee bit sceptical about the prospect of even making it on to any ice. Knowing how notoriously fickle the weather is here and some being curious about what Tukino was actually like, we figured there was no harm in driving over there- worst case scenario we'd get some beta for next time.

Getting out of the car in the murky twilight of dawn we were nearly blown off our feet by the wind. As we stood there bracing ourselves against the gale and joking about getting back in the car, a fellow poked his head out the door of one of the lodges and called us over. It was Terry the hospitable manager of the small ski field inviting us in for a cup of coffee. We joined the crew inside: warming up, chatting with the staff and generally being shown just how terrifically friendly and welcoming the club ski field scene is here in NZ.

With the wind starting to ease we headed over to one of the main ice gullies, a mere 15 minute walk across the valley. By the time we were standing at its base we were almost completely sheltered from the wind and the ice was in surprisingly good shape.

Ryan leading the "Left Gully"

Ryan on the disconcertingly titled "Bowel Wobbler"
Despite a few downpours of rain we had a terrific morning climbing a few of the gullies on the northern bluffs. My stoke for climbing was rejuvenated as was my faith in the alpine start, and not least of all I got to see my first NZ club field and fondle my first 'nutcracker'... Will definitely be back here in the not too distant future.

Tukino obscured by the swirling mess of clouds as seen on the drive out on the 4WD track

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