Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Packing for NZ and some season stats

The past few weeks have been incredibly warm here in Narvik, the snow changed seemingly overnight from wind packed with pockets of powder to isothermic porridge. With no overnight freezing we kind of missed out on the corn season which is usually so stunning up here. No complaints though, it's been nice to have a brief taste of shorts weather before I head down to New Zealand and another winter. And the running trails have melted out early, so I've been out trail running a bunch- definitely one of the things I'm going to miss about Narvik in the summertime...

Packing today was a tad tricky, rationalizing the reasons why I need a selection gear for the mountains more than other things like clothes. Luckily my ski gear is mostly on the light side so I'm able to squeeze a little more of it in. In the end I decided to schlepp along all this stuff:

I'll be bringing as many pairs of skis to NZ as I will shirts...

I was looking through my training log for the past winter and compiled a few statistics.
  • Total amount of vert I climbed: 107 000 metres (December through February I was getting 25-30000 per month, but with so much work in March and April I dropped down to less that 10 000 metres just when the touring was at its best...)
  • This makes for a weekly average of about 4500 metres from early December to early May.
  • Total summits: 101 (of which about 50 were laps on Linken, and another dozen were Tredjetoppen)

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