Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day one in Las Lenas!

My first day of skiing in Las Lenas couldn't have been much better. Mel and I headed up Entre Rios (ca. 3700m) in the slackcountry. Conditions were great above 3300m in shady aspects with about 15cm of fresh snow, down lower spring conditions were the game of the day with some corn and some crust.

Today marked 24 consecutive months with skiing for me, and it was a fun outing to make the milestone on.

Views from the summit into the mythical Valle Hermoso were very promising. Looking forward to getting in to this zone in the next week.

 It was so warm that skinning sans shirt seemed like a really good idea.
Now I've got a patterned chest: red with white stripes where the straps from my pack sit.

What would skiing in the Andes be without some steep bootpacks on wind jacked snow? 

Skiing the headwall of Entre Rios' east face. (I skied the line 'E-Dreams', whilst Mel went for 'Go or no go')

Buena honda!

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